CCCA Education Foundation National Memorial Day Parade Outreach


Each year the Classic Car Club of America Education Foundation participates in the National Memorial Day Parade to provide greater public awareness of the great Full Classics®. Since 1880 the United States of America has set aside a day to honor and recognize its fallen military heroes. Originally known as Decoration Day renamed Memorial Day in 1970, it is a national holiday that is always observed on the last Monday each May.

The Classic Car Club of America Education Foundation and the CCCA Chesapeake Bay Region provide Full Classic convertibles to transport distinguished War Veterans and the events Grand Parade Marshals. The participation in the National Memorial Day Parade is spearheaded with the assistance of David Johnson, President of CCCA Education Foundation and past President of CCCA.

Retired military personnel from Corporals up to Generals participate in this day of recognition for our fallen heroes and celebrate their sacrifice for all Americas. Flags fly from buildings in the Capital, poles along the parade route and participating cars.  Servicemen and others are cheer from one end of the crowded parade route to the other. Participating in the annual parade are high stepping marching bands from high schools all across the country, boy and girl scout units, military units representing every branch of our military services, clubs for active and retired military personnel, USO units, and various other patriotic groups.

The CCCA Educational Foundation and the CCCA Chesapeake Bay Region are proud to join in the parade with its moving display Full Classic transporting Grand Marshall Service personnel in the two and one half hour parade. It is a grand and proud experience to see all the Full Classics polished and purring as they lined up with their honored guests as they take their place in the parade.

Participating with their cars in the 2017 parade were Byron Alsop, Michael Fistere, Robert Hanson, David Johnson, Daniel Jobe, Richard Marrs, Larry Pumphrey, Ron Schoelkopf, Harry Scott and Edward Stifel. Also Participating with Vintage cars were Richard Parker and Pete Sanders.

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The parade is founded and organized by the American Veterans Center (AVC) a 501(c) (3) non-profit educational foundation dedicated to preserving and promoting the legacy of our military personnel. The National Memorial Day Parade is held annually in Washington D.C.  To learn more about the American Veterans Center, visit

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